Steph schrieb am 9. Februar 2016

Dear Arca members, Carmen and caretakers of Thron,

I first saw the picture of Thron on december 12th and it was shared on december 4th 2015 from podenco Netherlands with Irene Van Raadshooven, she’s the adoptionmom of Little Belle (fb) and many more unwanted souls.

The intell with his pic said he was blind and got attacked by other dogs. I knew galgos and whippets but never heard of the podenco race. But when i saw Thron, a beautiful chocolate colored dog with a funny butterfly/pink jacket, i was in love. We always had adopted stray dogs since i was little but due circumstances we didn’t have a dog since 10 years, only fluffy cats instead and i still love cats but since we adopted our prazsky (minipincher) capucin who came from a puppy mill, i knew i was really a dogtypemom. I played my mind often in the 3 years we have Capuce that i wanted to adopt a second dog. However lany dogs are for adoption in many countrys and shelters, you need to have that soark with your adoptive dog. When i saw Throns pic and cry for help, i knew we where made for eachother, don’t ask me why?

Irene and Little Belle would call it magic. January 23th 2016, we finally could pic up Thron, such emotions, but good ones and i finally met my new familymember Thron, i felt such sadness for what he had to indure in his young life but also such joy and love. And he’s doing so well altough he’s blind. He has such sweetness in his heart, he sees with his heart and that’s magic indeed.

And i already know that one day i will adopt a third beautiful soul and untill then i will keep on fighting for animal rights, against human cruelty. Now i’m helping shelters and organisations by donations and by gathering food, blanckets and everything required.

I believe that dogs are some kind of angels send by the godess to stand by humanity in live and loyalty.

The sad part is that a lot of humans still have to be aware of it but the good part is that organisations like ARCA exist to help humanity see that.

Thank you so much for bringing Thron into our lives, he’s actrue blessing.

Blessed be, Steph, Thron, Capucin and family.